Virtual Events

Virtual Events.

Level-up your Zoom calls with our fully virtual events. All your ‘presenters’ can stay at home, and our techies will play in all the content, add graphics, video-mix the webcams and audio and ultimately, produce the ‘show’.

Think of it like a beautifully coordinated Zoom call, where we take out all the stress… and no one is on mute! We can host on your site, or ours with chatbot, Q&A and polling features.

All your audiences needs to do is log on at home and we’ll bring it all together seamlessly behind the scenes.

  • Bring your company together to celebrate any occasion
  • Boost morale
  • Keep your teams connected

What’s possible?

Dedicated stream site
Breakout rooms
Virtual bars
Voting & polling
Live chat

How we’ll work with you.

1. Tell us what you’re planning.

Chat to us about your virtual
event. Emailing is easy but a
real conversation saves time
and confusion.

2. We’ll get planning.

We’ll work closely with you to
understand exactly what
you’d like and get your virtual
event spot on.

3. Trust us to deliver.

Our job is to cover all bases,
so relax and enjoy your
spectacular virtual event.

Companies who trust us



When the show must go on, live stream it.

We believe nothing should get in the way of marking big moments. The pandemic may have setback the physical events industry, but it has also given us an opportunity to think differently. Now is the time to step up, not hide under a rock.

Live streaming is the next best way to connect with an audience, and our flexible service is designed to allow almost any live corporate event to go ahead in a virtual setting.

Live stream professionally from your own space, or decamp to the Clownfish studio in London. Here’s how it works:

1. Call us and let us know your thinking so far. What would you like to host? An awards show, a company meeting, a team-building session, a party, a training course? Or something else entirely?

2. We’ll come up with a plan for a unique live-stream. We’re bursting with ideas so don’t worry if you’re not sure how it might look, we’ve done it plenty of times before.

3. Sit back and enjoy the show

Let’s start planning your virtual event.