The Wimbledon Synagogue


Type of Event
Bat Mitzvah

A joyous, inter-generational occasion.

The brief

Finding a venue for a bar or bat mitzvah celebration is tricky. Dancing takes place between courses, so you need sufficient space for a sit-down meal and a dancefloor, plus enough ceiling height to enable the host family to be carried aloft on chairs, as tradition dictates.

Jenny’s local synagogue (once a college) fitted the bill space-wise, but was pretty uninviting in terms of party atmosphere. That’s where we came in. Jenny’s parents asked us to transform the huge, empty room into something really special – and the results blew everyone away.

Jenny's Bat Mitzvah_Family Dance

Event design

Lighting can make or break an event. The hall itself was equipped with bright ceiling lights that were either on or off; we chose off, and compensated with our own special effects lighting rigs and metres and metres (and metres) of twinkling festoon lights.

A starlit dancefloor took centre stage with tables for a sit-down picnic positioned around the edges of the room. We placed glowing orb lights on each so that guests could see their meal without us having to switch on the harsh overhead bulbs.  

Jenny's Bat Mitzvah_Dancing 7

The overall effect was stunning. Guests who knew the synagogue well couldn’t quite believe that we had managed to create such an atmosphere!

Jenny's Bat Mitzvah_Dancing 3

Thoughts from our client

"Clownfish makes magic happen. The team really understood what Jenny wanted, delivering the party of her dreams whilst working within the strict requirements of the synagogue. They created a sophisticated, joyous atmosphere that was appropriate for guests from every generation.

Clownfish is so much more than a simple events supplier: their creative thinking – coupled with the time, effort and personal service of everyone in the team – made us feel as though we were the only client that mattered. It was a remarkable experience."

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  • Jenny's Bat Mitzvah_Venue Setup
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  • Jenny's Bat Mitzvah_Dancing 4
  • Jenny's Bat Mitzvah_Dancing 2
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Our box of tricks

  • Jenny's Bat Mitzvah_Digital Grafitti Wall 3

    Digital Graffiti Wall

    How do you keep a crowd of teenagers busy? By letting them all draw on the wall.

  • Jenny's Bat Mitzvah_Slush Drinks

    Slushie Drinks Machine

    A fun focus for the kids whilst their parents propped up the bar nearby.

  • Jenny's Bat Mitzvah_Festoon Bulb

    Special Effects Lighting

    From dancing to blessings, ambience was kept appropriate throughout.

  • Jenny's Bat Mitzvah_Clownfish Team

    The Clownfish Team

    Smart uniforms and discreet service: our team is an integral part of every event.

Clownfish is so much more than a simple events supplier. Their creative thinking and personal service made us feel like the only client that mattered. A remarkable experience.
Lisa Jenny’s Mum