MJ Marathon

On 28th April 2019, Matt and Jonny, from our sales team, both completed the full 26.2 miles of the Virgin Money London Marathon!

Their training went well, however these two are by no means athletes. The last year was a big step out of comfort zones and a giant leap into the brutal realities of blisters, gruelling muscle treatments and many a thought of giving up.

So, what kept them going?

“We were both brought up in loving, supportive, Christian families. It’s these attributes (and more) that have shaped us into the happy, content and secure people that we’re privileged to be. But we understand, more than ever, that not everybody has the start we enjoyed. Eikon is an awesome team that proactively helps less fortunate young people in our local communities. As well as being involved directly with the charity, we want to raise as much awareness as possible for them… hence this horrendous challenge!” - Matt and Jonny

They, of course, ran the marathon to raise awareness for Eikon - however they also managed to raise £10,000 for the work Eikon do.