Hannah Sheppard fun NEW

I love, love, LOVE flowers.

They add drama, sophistication and beauty to any event; and it’s so exciting to transform a venue into an oasis of calm simply by introducing some floral creations and artistic structures.

When I am designing a space, I always like to introduce foliage or flowers - and sometimes fruit and veg too. For me, flowers are particularly exciting when we take away the traditional techniques of displaying them (ciao for now, boring vases) and become more inventive.

Flower design can be incorporated in so many ways. Why have a boring old screen as a backdrop when you can have a flower wall instead? And who said you have to make do with the ceiling at your given venue, when you could create a foliage canopy instead?

Flower creations and structures awaken guests senses through visual impact, texture and scent and can really help you deliver a memorable occasion. What’s more, flowers at a corporate event or conference can improve mood and creativity.

If you have the seed of an idea and would like Hannah’s help to make it blossom into an event, get in touch with the team today on 020 8050 2080.