Brunch 2
Brunch is authentic and personal - and therefore more memorable.

Brunch is not a new concept, but it’s becoming more popular than ever in cities across the globe. And it’s no longer a weekend-only thing either: the brunch meeting is going to be big in 2019.

Entertaining clients over brunch feels really fresh at the moment. Once the realm of niche fashion brands, the bigger players are quickly getting in on the brunch act. Recently, we spotted Boots No7 launching their new Skin Pastes to a table of bloggers and influencers in a gorgeously Instagram-able brunch setting; whilst corporates are increasingly using ‘breakfast briefings’ to grab some time and attention from their key clients before they get bogged down with their day.

Brunch provides the perfect opportunity to push your brand or message to the forefront of guests' minds – and keep it there.  They have their morning commute to consider your event and, providing you make the right impression with enough impact, they’ll be thinking about you – and talking about you – all day long.

Wellbeing is another consideration that you can use to your advantage. Many people still skip breakfast, or prefer to head to the gym first thing.  A brunch event means your guests actually get to eat the most important meal of the day while you deliver them an equally important message. Lunch is covered too – so in effect they get two meals for the price of one with a side serving of efficiency, and can return to work fully fuelled for a productive afternoon.

Unlike a dinner meeting, which can be more formal and therefore more stilted, brunch is a relaxing, laid-back affair. Bold, extravagant dinners definitely have their place when you need to impress a crowd, but brunch ticks the Corporate Social Responsibility box and enables you to entertain without going over the top. It’s more authentic and more personal – and therefore more likely to be remembered positively.

Ready to plan your 2019 brunching schedule? Get in touch with the team today and let’s get started… over brunch maybe?