Stephen and Debbie's 50th_Giant Scalextric

The Clownfish warehouse is basically a giant toy box: there’s stuff to ride on, stuff to draw on, stuff to play with and stuff to pose with… enough to make even the serious grown-ups among us feel like little kids again.

One of our absolute favourite bits of kit is the 8-Lane Scalextric. This large-scale slot car racing track pits eight budding F1 drivers against eachother in their very own pint-sized Grand Prix. Each player races their slot car in the allotted lane using a hand-held speed controller – first past the chequered flag is the winner!

Why the hype?

Slot car racing offers totally addictive fun with a competitive edge. At 4.5metres long with in-built spotlights and realistic sound effects, our state-of-the-art Scalextric is an impressive centrepiece that is guaranteed to draw a crowd.

The Clownfish team set up the track and operate it, so you and your guests can concentrate on the serious matter of driver performance. They’ll create a variety of race formats for you to enjoy and provide brilliant live commentary; you can also hire a Top Gear-style leaderboard to name and shame the best and worst drivers in the room.

What makes it so special?

Remember all those annoying problems you had with your Scalextric back in the day? As with all Clownfish equipment, we’ve countered this by investing in the highest quality track available. This one was invented in the UK by a former engineer with a long-held passion for slot car racing and the entertainment potential it brings. It incorporates a digital lap counter to keep score and a smooth, ridge-free surface for greater control – meaning that if your car spins off, its your driving that’s to blame, not the track!

What kind of event is it good for?

Suitable for most age groups and abilities (no driving license required!), this game works well for indoor events such as team building, exhibitions, company fun days, office parties, promotions and fundraising. Its sleek black design fits in with lots of different themes but you’ll need plenty of inside space and a flat, hard surface to put it on.

Give us a call to book the 8-Lane Scalextric for your next event.