Woohoo, summer is here! Hotting up for the summer season, we’ve added two more vans to our fleet, a fresh social media team, another full time member of staff (Kieran), a stack load more equipment and will have exciting ‘premises news’ in the next few weeks… it’s all go at Clownfish!

This year, our summer offering is larger than ever. Continuing with our famous Total Wipeout events, our 8 player Last One Standing game has landed – and it’s awesome. It’s already travelled to Wales, Bolton and London (see our facebook page for pics). One of our favourite novel additions to 2015 is the twist on our new slide (literally) – our inflatable Helter Skelter; stunning in all its red and white glory. And finally, all the way from America and unique to Clownfish, a super selection of carnival games - from Maze Runners, Ring Toss and Roller Bowler to our spectacular 9 hole Crazy Golf Course. And that’s not all, check out our A-Z for the full inventory.

2015 is set to rock, so jump on board with Clownfish and give our office a call today to get your summer event started.