Matt B’s Milestone Moment

It that time of the week again! Another #milestonemoment is here and it comes courtesy of Matt B.

As a trained actor, Event Co-Ordinator Matt B is not a shy and retiring type. He loves an audience and is great with a crowd, so it’s no surprise that he’s one of our favourite in-house comperes! 

One of Matt’s biggest challenges to date – and his personal Milestone Moment – was hosting a Game Zone Pro Event, swiftly followed by an on-stage Gameshow Challenge, as part of an away day event for accounting firm Saffery Champness.

The Clownfish team had a tight schedule with quick turnaround times, so delivering the event was a challenge in itself – but Matt also had an audience of 200 to keep on track and entertained for an entire afternoon and evening.

It was a big step in his career as an event professional, but he handled it brilliantly and the event was a huge success.