Kieran’s Milestone Moment

Another Thursday, another #milestonemoment from our team. And this week’s comes from one of our longest standing members, Kieran.

When Clownfish Events was born in April 2009, Matt ran the business from a desk in the spare room at his parents’ house.

Transport came in the form of an old, red, post office van and he rented warehouse space (“a glorified shed”) to store his equipment. 

In 2014, the warehouse landlord decided to sell up and Matt was forced to find an alternative. For our warehouse manager, Kieran, buying and moving into our current space in Chessington was a pivotal moment.

“It was such a big step – owning property and managing a really large space. It helped Clownfish develop into the company it is, and me into the event professional I am.”

To find out more about Clownfish’s history and the sometimes-rocky early years, read our interview with the Big Fish that was published on our 9th birthday last year.