Hannah’s Milestone Moment

Thursday’s at Clownfish mean one thing for us currently… Hannah’s here to talk about her #milestonemoment!

“The first big event that I organised when I joined Clownfish was a 21st birthday party for a delightful young lady called Bea. 

I didn’t know the team very well then, so I made sure I was there for every minute and threw myself into designing the look and feel of the party, sourcing the food (sushi, Bea’s favourite), camouflaging Portaloos, running the floor on the night and packing up at the end.

The highlight for me was watching Matt B and Ali T at work. Nothing was too much trouble for them and they had genuine smiles on their faces throughout. The marquee looked beautiful, the guests had a wonderful time and the entire Clownfish team shone.

I knew there and then that I had come to work for a great events company.”